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Blue Lakes Advisors is a Swiss company advising financial institutions in Europe, GCC and Asia.

Based in Geneva, Lugano, Paris and Dubai, we are a small and proactive advisory boutique, a multiple solutions provider for investments.

Combined Skills

The combined skills of our advisors represents decades of experience in banks and financial services, including high-level management positions and encompassing a wide range of asset classes. Benefiting from our vast network, we have expertise in structuring financial solutions and adapting them to qualified investors throughout the world.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach to client relationships is based on transparency, innovation and a strong commitment to delivering added value services. Contrary to traditional advisors, we take pride in providing investors with personal, tailored solutions. Rather than offering a fixed range of ready-made products, we craft new ones to best suit precise expectations. With Blue Lakes Advisors, what our clients get is always what they really need.

Focused range of Services

As each client has their own very specific consideration and objectives, we offer them a choice within our focused range of services. Clients can create the right combination from our services for their investment needs, selected from the best-in-class experts in the market.

Adaptation & Innovation

Adaptation and innovation are key values for Blue Lakes Advisors. Being flexible by nature and size, we nevertheless strongly believe in the virtue of patience, understanding structural developments and long cycles.

Keeping a long-term perspective in our client relationships, we carefully select promising niche markets and adapt our personal solutions to the current trends and perspectives.


Agency Business & Resource Financing

Our team is specialized in the natural resources sector, with a deep knowledge in the North American equity markets (trading and capital raising).

Blue Lakes Advisors is an official partner with several regulated leading investment dealers, which provide our clients access to markets in Canada and in the US.

Contact : Paolo BernasconiAndi Näser, Alessandro Dubini

Fund Selection & Fund Distribution

Everything starts with the selection of the « best in class » partners and funds.

Blue Lakes Advisors constantly searches for fund managers who can genuinely offer alpha and are committed to deliver to investor sustained top quartile performance.

Our goal is to offer clients access, in a timely way, to funds in niche markets, which are not be known by, or easily accessible to European investors.

Our offices in Geneva, Lugano and Paris allow us to offer a global distribution in Europe.

Contact : Thierry Moret, Paolo Bernasconi, Andi Näser, Kirill Pankratiev, Alain Barbey, Laureen Moret, John Tendon

Structured Products

Blue Lakes Advisors – Trading & Derivatives Desk is dedicated to an end-to-user service for its partner base : Asset Managers, Family Offices, Private Banks and Partners.

Our products are built to client needs, offering a variety of risk profiles and projected returns above our products include Capital Protection, Optimization, Participation, Leverage Certificate and AMC.

Products can be constructed for a wide range of asset classes: stocks, indices, commodities, forex in a wide range of currencies.

Contact : Marc Diem, Philippe Kessler, Thomas Contat

Structured Products Matrix

Blue Lakes Advisors – Trading & Derivatives Desk has developed an innovative real time matrix to realize its stock picking process, in order to create the best structures in adequacy with the market.

Private Equity - Sample Transaction

Private Equity – Natural Resources

The goal of the private equity section is to bring together developers of advanced stage resource (mining or  oil and gas) projects with capital providers to deliver appropriate “last mile” finance for building out the project. We focus on “asset” oriented, rather than straight equity funding, offering creative and efficient, as well as non-dilutive, capital for the industry. 

Private Equity

Blue Lakes can offer smaller firms, which may be unable to get traction from more traditional capital sources, a tailored service, employing our experience in both evaluating the client’s needs and directing them to investors who are appropriate and available. The intermediary role includes assistance in negotiating and concluding deals that are advantageous to all parties.

With an extensive experience in the resource sector, and the ability to make contact with specialist funds, industrial and trade partners and high net worth individuals, Blue Lakes can find the right partner for viable projects. For the capital partners, the fact that the opportunities Blue Lakes brings to them have been selected according to known interests and so will be worth consideration.

While the universe of potential transactions has no formal limit, most deals which come to us are between US$5 million and US$ 25 million in value. In addition, assistance to firms in asset disposal, merger broking and participation in larger transactions may add value on an opportunistic basis.

Contact : Thierry Moret, Michael Colligan

Corporate presentation

See the detailed corporate presentation of Blue Lakes Advisers.


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