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Agency Business & Resource Financing

Our team is specialized in the natural resources sector, with a deep knowledge in the North American equity markets (trading and capital raising). Blue Lakes Advisors is an official partner with several leading regulated investment dealers, which provide our clients access to markets in Canada and in the US.

Fund Selection & Fund Distribution

Partnership with some Asset management companies.
Fund selection in constant search for alpha and committed to absolute performance. We try to find funds in niche markets.

Structured Products

Structured Investment Solutions. Set up flexible, transparent and tailor-made investment solutions through both Actively Managed Certificates and Static Certificates. Offer innovative ideas as yield enhancement, capital protection and leverage.

Private Equity

The goal of the private equity section is to bring together developers of advanced stage resource (mining or oil and gas) projects with capital providers to deliver appropriate “last mile” finance for building out the project. We focus on “asset” oriented, rather than straight equity funding, offering creative and efficient, as well as non-dilutive, capital for the industry.

Latest from our Blog

Blue Lakes Advisors is pleased to announce that it has concluded a “Business Introducer Agreement” with Bedford Row Capital, of the UK.

With this agreement, Blue Lakes Advisors will have the right to market the deal flow of Bedford Row Capital, a company that designs, structures, operates and promotes listed debt securities with a very strong bias toward certified “green bonds”. Bedford Row Capital is composed of highly experienced partners who have been innovators in the process...

Transition énergétique : le déclencheur du cycle haussier des métaux de base

Transition énergétique : le déclencheur du cycle haussier des métaux de base Les matières premières connaissent un important rallye depuis le début de l’année, et les métaux de base tout particulièrement. A première vue, l’équation repose sur deux évolutions inexorables. D’un côté, l’aspect économique : les énergies solaire ou éolienne deviennent désormais moins chères que les combustibles...

Turning Trash into Cash

Urban mining combines technology, resources and environmental policies The three year old smartphone that you threw away did not disappear. When you replaced the 56 inch television screen with the 72 inch, the old screen didn’t evaporate, either. Those small items, combined with millions of other individual disposals, make up a growing global mountain of...

Fund Selection process across Europe

Fund Selection process across Europe Criteria, ratios and soft skills necessary to pick an investment fund Press article: RankiaPro, Ed. 5 – March 2021, page 31 Texte: Our vision of selection and distribution for third parties involves exploring niche markets, in order to rigorously select the most promising international fund managers whilst instilling long-term vision...

Blue Lakes Advisors is pleased to announce that Olivier Dozat has joined its team as of November 2020

Blue Lakes Advisors is pleased to announce that Olivier Dozat has joined its team as of November, 2020. Olivier has 30 Years of experience in investment banking and asset management. He held various executive positions at JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Indosuez, Amundi, NBF and QNB, both in buy side and sell side. He also launched...