Our team is specialized in the natural resources sector and has also a long experience in the n/a equity markets (trading and capital raising).

Blue Lakes Advisors is an official partner with several regulated leading investment dealers, which provide our clients access to markets in Canada and in the US.

Blue Lakes Advisors has selected a complementary range of specialized investment dealers, active in promising sectors and markets. We have established our partnerships based on shared values and similar investment philosophies, insuring that our clients will get the best possible services. The markets covered by our investment dealer partners are the following:

The Buckingham Research Group / US. Blue Lakes Advisors distributes the Buckingham’s research to European institutional investors. Founded in 1982, Buckingham is a New-York registered broker-dealer. The firm is dedicated to providing high quality «value added» equity research. Buckingham offers trade executions in the US markets and Canadian markets.

Paradigm Capital / Canada. Blue Lakes Advisors has a partnership with a Canadian investment dealer, specialized in Mining, Energy, Technology, Entertainment, Healthcare and Industrial products. Blue Lakes Advisors is in charge of distributing Paradigm’s research to European institutional investors and offers trading services. Paradigm Capital offers trade executions in the Canadian markets and US markets.

We also have an agreement with Bekafinance / Spain, a Spanish broker specialized in Spanish equities and bonds. It offers pan-European equity research through the ESN network.

Contact : Paolo Bernasconi, Andi Näser, Alain Barbey (Bekafinance)

Partnership with some Asset management companies.

Fund selection in constant search for alpha and committed to absolute performance.

We try to find funds in niche markets.

Contact : Thierry Moret, Kirill Pankratiev,  Fares Najjar, Cecilia Merametdjian

Structured Investment Solutions. Set up of flexible, transparent and tailor-made investment solutions through both Actively Managed Certificates and Static Certificates. Offer innovative ideas as yield enhancement, capital protection, leverage certificates).

Our team has a large expertise for many years, understand the clients’ need and has large networks to offer the best prices.

We go along with our clients during the entire life of the products with follow-up, advices, periodical reports and explanations.

We are independent, transparent and aligned with the interests of our clients.

Contact : Marc Diem, Tahina Ramanoara, Philippe Kessler

Start-up and capital development : raising capital for high growth potential businesses. Buy-out transactions :  sourcing of transactions, coaching of entrepreneur, transaction, negotiation and deal structure, sourcing of bank partners. Co-investment of Blue Lakes Advisors Partners in selected transactions.

We help promising start-up and early-stage companies by collecting money to let secure their future.

Provider of innovative and appropriate forms of finance for projects with small companies in natural resources and energy sectors. We can advise on mergers, acquisitions and prospective joint ventures. We work with listed companies on stock exchange and private ones.

Contact : Thierry Moret, Michael Colligan